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Girls Soccer Team

Process moving players to different age divisions

The Process to move a child to a higher or lower age division you must put in the request to the regional commissioner by contacting them by phone or text during registration time and must be before late registration begins, NO players will be moved to another age division after late registration or in the spring season. The player will be asked to come to field for a tryout to see their ability by the commissioner and coach admin. Not all players will be eligible to be moved  to a different division, player must have played in correct age division for at least one year.
Process moving players to different teams
To be eligible to move a player from one team to another you must contact the Commissioner or the coach admin in the Fall before coaches contact their teams, and it's up to the commissioner and coach admin discretion whether or not they get moved. AYSO must keep teams balanced not all players will be eligible to be moved. NO players will be moved in the spring no exception's.
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